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Author of science fiction, thriller and crime stories.


Let's start with writing related links:

Writer's Village University

When I 're-started' by writing career, in the early 2000s I discovered the Writer's Village University, and in particular, their F2K Creative Writing course. Being free and very relaxed I found it an excellent place to stretch my unused writer's legs without pressure. I encouraged my daughters to have a go at the course (more on them later) and more recently, my sister found their course very benficial. Apart from offering a large range of free (to members) writing courses, they host several writing 'groups', where authors can interact with like minded people and get feedback on their efforts

You Write On

Having spent a number of years visiting various on-line forums aimed at allowing writers to display their work and get feedback, I discovered this site. Partly funded by the English Arts Council, it offers a competitive environment allowing those with the highest scores (based on peer reviews) access to major publishing houses (Orion, Random House, Penguin, to name but a few), with professional editorial feedback offered for a selection of books each month. It is an excellent place to both display work, with a good chance of meaningful feedback from capable peers, as well as giving authors a chance to see what the competition is like.

My daughters have always played a major role in my life. All are amazingly creative on all levels. They are all (to varying extents) self employed and all have web locations showing their talents.

Charlotte My middle daughter has built a name for herself as an excellent writer of historical fantasy. Her writing abilities far surpass mine (as they should, given all parents wish their children to exceed their own abilities).

Alexandra A medical herbalist by training, but she's built an excellent career in herbal related writing (as well as fiction with pagan leanings). Never satisfied with a single success, she is now building a new business based around interior decoration.

Katherine Kit is, by training, a historical costumier (and has produced and sold some amazing gowns and outfits). However, she is also a beautician, nail technicial (with particular interest in nail art), henna tattooist, theatrical prop maker and general, all round, handy person.

Olivia or Livvy Livvy began as a model in her teenage years (a profession she still follows), but has since extended into professional make-up artist, miliner (with particular interest in kokoshnik variations and other specialised head dresses) and is now forging a growing reputation as a photographer.

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