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Author of science fiction, thriller and crime stories.

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Losing Faith  

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The saying 'no good turn ever goes unpunished' proves all too true for Duncan Barlowe when he drags himself out of the whisky bottle, which he made his home after the death of his wife, in order to help his old friend and colleague Ralph Adams exact revenge on the person who tried to kill him: Adams' own wife, Faith.

What starts as a simple, profitable, exercise soon becomes complicated, then dangerous, and finally lethal as Barlowe's team of ex-army colleagues is whittled down in a series of 'accidents' arranged by an unknown enemy. Soon he finds himself on the run with the woman he considered the enemy in a race to save her teenage daughter from the man he had believed was his friend.

Then the police, a shady government department and the Russian Mafia become involved and all bets are off as everyone battles for survival.


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At the end of a stressful day Duncan Barlowe finds a teenage girl, Rachel, injured in the road and rescues her from a group of thugs.

Later that night he discovers his partner, Sabrina, has disappeared from work in mysterious circumstances. When she reappears twenty four hours later, dying of radiation poisoning, he realises Rachel and Sabrina are connected, and his finding Rachel was no coincidence.

What begins as an exercise in tracking Sabrina's last movements soon turns into a race against time through the underground tunnels of the North Yorkshire mines to try and thwart a terrorist attack that could bring the country to its knees, chased by a shadowy enemy with links to the highest levels of both business and politics in the UK.

Playing the Field  

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When he discovers a new scientific principle that could have far reaching implications for humanity, Adrian Haverfield fails to realise he has set in motion a juggernaut that will stop at nothing to destroy him and bury his discovery.

When his mentor, Peter Bevan, is killed in an 'accident' at his laboratory, Bevan's administrative assistant, Nancy, is murdered in her home, and Haverfield's wife, Christine, is kidnapped with Haverfield himself framed for her murder, Haverfield and his friends decide to fight back, with the help of Alan Voss, himself a shadowy figure working on the periphery of law enforcement.

Thus begins a chase across the country to find and free Christine Haverfield and release the details of Haverfields discovery to a waiting world before powerful, international forces can destroy them.

Who? (and other stories)  

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A selection of science fiction stories

Who?No matter what the risk, discomfort or embarrassment, people will always try to be someone else.
The AccountantEven deities have to be accountable to someone.
Just Another CrankHow DO you prove something to someone else's satisfaction?
The ArrivalPoint of view is everything
AnxietyA silly look at noir in the age of science fiction.
IoneSometimes it's dangerous to become too attached to your project.
The Gun is MightierIf you know something bad is about to happen, and you can stop it, but it will cost you your life, should you do it anyway?

Great to have you back! (and other stories)  

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A selection of science fiction stories

Great to Have You BackA lesson in how technology can help you become a god, and why you might not want to.
EpicycleSometimes, living forever can be a nightmare.
Little Acorns Mighty OaksHow will the last humans feel when they reach the end of the line?
Always Another DragonDreams and reality are merely a matter of perspective.

A Wind out of Hades (and other stories)  

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A selection of science fiction stories

Deep ThoughtsIs it really such a good idea to maintain an open mind?
A New Meaning to LifeWhat if the planet had a mind of its own, and a plan for the evolution of the species?
Who Listens to a ShadowA little horror story, based on a recurring dream...
A Wind Out of HadesIntroducing a new element to a balanced ecological system is never a good idea.
The ReturnPerhaps the meaning behind Christmas is not what we've always assumed...

Just Another Crank (and other stories)  

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A selection of humourous stories

A Bunch of KeysIt's a jungle out there! Be careful what you pick up in the street.
Who(Also included in the collection 'Who'). No matter what the risk, discomfort or embarrassment, people will always try to be someone else.
The Accountant(Also included in the collection 'Who'). Even deities have to be accountable to someone.
The Dance of SpringA look at human behaviour on a typical high street.
Just Another Crank(Also included in the collection 'Who'). How DO you prove something to someone else's satisfaction?
The Arrival(Also included in the collection 'Who'). Point of view is everything
The KnockSometimes reality can be far more scary than imagination...

The Last Victim (and other stories)  

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A selection of crime stories (adult content)

The BetrayalAn eighteen year old girl is kidnapped and told she will be killed. Why?
FrustrationLove can be frightening sometimes.
Engine TroubleBefore you take a bite, be sure your mouth is big enough to chew it...
The Last Victim'Engine Trouble' from the perspective of the 'other victim'.
Five MinutesIs it worth risking stopping to buy a packet of cigarettes? That smoke can prove frighteningly expensive.

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