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Author of science fiction, thriller and crime stories.

About Me

Born in the UK East Midlands in the middle 1950s to a book loving family, I spent my childhood in the company of characters created by Enid Blyton, John Pudney, Katherine Hull and Monica Dickens, to name but a few. In my teens I took to Ian Fleming and Alistair MacLean with great glee, as well as diving with enthusiasm into Science Fiction (particularly Heinlein, Asimov, Dick, Farren, Coney, Van Vogt as well as John Lymington and Erik Frank Russell). I was in my teens when the idea of becoming a 'professional writer' appeared. In the 1970s I began writing 'seriously' and produced a number of short stories. In the early 1980s I began writing my first novel (finally finished in 2003 and titled 'Playing the Field') but didn't really start producing a body of work until the early 2000s during a sabatical from full time employment.

Over the years I have held a variety of jobs, including 14 years as a telephone engineer, a couple of years selling things varying from kitchen and bedroom furniture to electrical appliances, and several years as an IT trainer/technical author (both employed and freelance) before settling into my current postion as self employed programmer/web developer.

I would generally characterise my work as 'more Alistair MacLean than John Le Carre'. My aim is to entertain rather than educate and to produce stories that are lightweight, easy and quick to read.

Currently living in: Lincoln, UK

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Twitter: @David_J_English

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